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Tolerability and effectiveness of niraparib in long-term responders with platinum-sensitive recurrent ovarian cancer (GEICO-88R study) Cueva Banuelos JF, Salvador Coloma C, Gálvez Montosa F..., González Santiago S 2023
Use of multi-gene panels in patients at high risk of hereditary digestive cancer: position statement of AEG, SEOM, AEGH and IMPaCT-GENÓMICA consortium Carballal S, Balaguer F, Bujanda L, Capellá G, Santiago SG, Jover R, Moreira L, Pineda M, Ponte CR, Sánchez Heras AB, Blanch RS, Soto JL, Tocino RV, Cubiella J, en representación de AEG, SEOM, AEGH y consorcio IMPaCT-Genómica 2023
ATREZZO trial (SOLTI-1907): A phase II trial targeting estrogen receptor negative or PAM50 non-luminal disease with atezolizumab in combination with trastuzumab and vinorelbine in HER2-positive (HER2+) advanced breast cancer (ABC) - Interim analysis Ciruelos EM, Tolosa Ortega P, Salvador Bofill FJ, González Santiago S, Albacar Miro CR 2023
Time and motion randomised study of a subcutaneous (SC) pertuzumab and trastuzumab fixed-dose combination (PH FDC) for the treatment of HER2-positive early breast cancer (HER2 EBC): PHaTiMa González Santiago S, López Miranda E, Escrivá Romani S, Jiménez Rodríguez B, Antolin Novoa S, González Cortijo L, Fernández Morales LA, Galve Calvo E, Perello Martorell A, Arroyo Rivera L, García Bernáldez C, Lagunar Ruiz J, Gavilá Gregori J 2023
SOLTI-1907 ATREZZO: Targeting hormonal receptor negative (HR-) or PAM50 non-luminal disease with atezolizumab in combination with trastuzumab and vinorelbine in HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer (MBC) Ciruelos E, Perelló A, González Santiago S 2023
Metformin (MET) for the prevention of Alpelisib (ALP)-related Hyperglycemia (HG) in PIK3CAmutated, Hormone Receptor-Positive (HR[+]) HER2- Negative (HER2[-]) Advanced Breast Cancer (ABC): The METALLICA study Ruiz Borrego M, Tolosa P, Blanch S, Fernández A..., González Santiago S 2023
Safety and efficacy of ribociclib plus letrozole in patients with HR+, HER2- advanced breast cancer: Results from the Spanish sub-population of the phase 3b CompLEEment-1 trial Salvador Bofill J, Moreno Antón F, Rodríguez Sánchez CA, Galve Calvo E, Hernando Meliá C..., González-Santiago S 2022
Pre-operative ribociclib plus letrozole versus chemotherapy: Health-related quality of life outcomes from the SOLTI CORALLEEN trial Villacampa G, Falato C, Paré L, Hernando C, Arumí M..., González-Santiago S 2022
Prevalence of functional and genomic homologous recombination deficiency (HRD) in germline RAD51C/D patients Llop-Guevara A, Torres-Esquius S, Romey M, Gutiérrez-Enriquez S..., González Santiago S 2022
Sapanisertib Plus Fulvestrant in Post-Menopausal Women with Estrogen Receptor-Positive/HER2-Negative Advanced Breast Cancer After Progression on Aromatase Inhibitor García-Sáenz JÁ, Martínez-Jáñez N, Cubedo R, Jerez Y, Lahuerta A, González-Santiago S, Ferrer N, Ramos M, Alonso-Romero JL, Antón A, Carrasco E, Chen J, Neuwirth R, Galinsky K, Vincent S, Leonard EJ, Slamon D 2022