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Long-term responders (LTR) with niraparib maintenance in platinum-sensitive recurrent high-grade serous ovarian cancer (PSROC) focusing on subsequent therapies and postprogression outcomes (GEICO-88R study) Cuevas Banuelos JF, García García Y, Yubero Esteban A, Gallego Martinez A..., González S 2024
Ipatasertib (IPA) combined with non-taxane chemotherapy (CT) for patients (pts) with previously treated advanced triple-negative breast cancer (aTNBC): The PATHFINDER phase IIa trial López Miranda E, Pérez García JM, Gion M..., González Santiago S 2024
Prevalence of Homologous Recombination Deficiency Among Patients With Germline RAD51C/D Breast or Ovarian Cancer Torres-Esquius S, Llop-Guevara A, Gutiérrez-Enríquez S, Romey M..., Santiago González S 2024
Preventing alpelisib-related hyperglycaemia in HR+/HER2?/PIK3CA-mutated advanced breast cancer using metformin (METALLICA): a multicentre, open-label, single-arm, phase 2 trial Llombart Cussac A, Pérez García J, Ruiz Borrego M, Tolosa P..., González Santiago S 2024
Olaparib (O) in advanced triple negative breast cancer (aTNBC) patients (pts) with BRCA1/2 promoter methylation: GEICAM/2015-06 study (COMETA-Breast) Haba J de la, Anton A, Quiroga V..., Santiago González S 2023
A phase 2 randomized pre-operative,window of opportunity trial investigating the effect of elacestrant with/without triptorelin in premenopausal patients with HR+/HER2- breast cancer – SOLTI-2104-PremiÈRe trial Bellet Ezquerra M, Hernando C, Tolosa P..., González Santiago S 2023
Lower pre-treatment B-cell gene expression signatures correspond with improved overall survival with palbociclib + endocrine therapy in HR+/HER2- metastatic breast cancer: a biomarker analysis from the GEICAM/2013-02 PEARL trial Agrawal Y, Fernández Martínez A, Gil Gil M..., González Santiago S 2023
Randomized Phase II trial evaluating three anti-diarrhoeal prophylaxis strategies in patients with HER2+/HR+ early breast cancer treated with extended adjuvant neratinib (DIANER GEICAM/2018-06) Gil Gil M, Martín M, Carrasco E..., González Santiago S 2023
Pathologic complete response (pCR) of neoadjuvant therapy with or without atezolizumab in HER2-positive, early high-risk and locally advanced breast cancer: APTneo Michelangelo randomized trial Gianni L, Munzone E, Mansutti M..., González Santiago S 2023
Rendimiento diagnóstico de un panel de genes en el estudio de rutina de los síndromes de cáncer hereditario Romero Chala S, González Santiago S, López Ceballos MH, López Gallego J, Vergara Prieto E, Sobieschi OI, Ferranti A, Vásquez Reyes P, Iguasnia Portilla D, Salgado Chaves MI, Muñoz Reja-Mansilla C, Fernández Pereira L, Borrega P, García Trujillo JA 2023