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Prurito interdigital y plantar de ambos miembros inferiores Galán González J, Rico Martín S, Saponi Cortés JM, Sánchez Muñoz-Torrero JF 2023
Alirocumab and Coronary Atherosclerosis in Asymptomatic Patients with Familial Hypercholesterolemia: The ARCHITECT Study Pérez de Isla L, Díaz-Díaz JL, Romero MJ, Muñiz-Grijalvo O, Mediavilla JD..., Sánchez Muñoz-Torrero JF 2023
Optimal Control of all Modifiable Vascular Risk Factors Among Patients With Atherosclerotic Disease. A Real-Life Study Escudero-Sánchez G, Rico-Martín S, Sánchez-Bacaicoa C, Costo C, Galán-González J, Calderón-García JF, Pedrera-Zamorano JD, Sánchez Muñoz-Torrero JF 2023
Persistence with long-term PCSK9 inhibitor treatment and its effectiveness in familial hypercholesterolaemia: data from the SAFEHEART study Arroyo-Olivares R, Muñiz-Grijalbo O, Díaz-Díaz JL, Muñoz-Torrero JS 2023
Association between arterial stiffness and fat mass in patients with obesity Tolosa-Álvarez S, Arévalo-Lorido JC, Sánchez-Muñoz-Torrero JF, Pijierro-Amador A, Nevado López-Alegría L, Carretero-Gómez J 2023
Association of Subclinical Carotid Atherosclerosis Assessed by High-Resolution Ultrasound With Traditional and Novel Anthropometric Indices Costo-Muriel C, Calderón-García JF, Rico-Martín S, Sánchez-Bacaicoa C, Escudero-Sánchez G, Galán-González J..., FJ, Sánchez Muñoz-Torrero JF 2023
Reacciones adversas a medicamentos Sánchez Muñoz-Torrero JF 2022
A RIETE registry analysis of patients with upper extremity deep vein thrombosis and thoracic outlet syndrome Rosa V, Chaar CIO, Espitia O, Otalora S, López-Jiménez L..., Muñoz-Torrero JFS 2022
Sustained low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol <70 mg/dl is associated with improved cardiovascular outcomes in the clinical setting Sánchez-Bacaicoa C, Galán J, Guijarro C, Rico-Martín S, Monreal M ..., Sánchez Muñoz-Torrero JF, For FRENA Investigators 2022
Metabolic Syndrome and Its Components in Patients with COVID-19: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Mortality. A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Rico-Martín S, Calderón-García JF, Basilio-Fernández B, Clavijo-Chamorro MZ, Sánchez Muñoz-Torrero JF 2021